Sra. Amanda Howard

Welcome to 2021-2022 school year!  I look forward to working with you this year in the following courses:    

Spanish 2

Honors Spanish 3

Honors Spanish 4

Contact Information:

Classroom B207

Materials Needed:

  • binder or folder (with paper)
  • blue or black pens

Donations Needed:

  • tissues

Grading Policy:

There will be classwork and homework assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests for each unit.  There will generally be one test per unit.  There will be one or more small projects.  There will be a teacher made semester and final exam for Spanish 2,  Honors Spanish 3 and Honors Spanish 4. 

Prepare grades are 20%, Rehearse grades are 30%, and Perform grades are 50% for each quarter. Semester 1 grades include Quarter 1 40%, Quarter 2 40%, and Semester Exam 20%.  Semester 2 grades include Quarter 3 50% and Quarter 4 50%.  Final grades include Semester 1 40%, Semester 2 40%, and Final Exam 20%.  

Grading scale:

90-100% = A      80-89% = B      70-79% = C      60-69% = D      < 60% = F


ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION: Speaking assignments will be submitted in Canvas.  Other assignments will be submitted online through VHL Central, Canvas, Conjuguemos, Quizlet and other websites as specified by Sra. Howard.


Attendance Policy:

Students are expected to be in class regularly. Please notify Ms. Howard if you are going to be absent to make arrangements for missed content and assignments. In addition, please submit a note to the front office for the absence to be excused.  

Tardy Policy:

Students are expected to be in class on time.   Tardiness to class can result in missed information or opportunities that may not be repeated or offered again. More than three tardies will result in a referral to the administration.

Procedures for Make-up Work and Retests:

Students are expected to make up work from missed class.  Arrangements must be made within five days of missed class.  All work must be submitted by the designated day before the end of the quarter. Students that score 79 or below can retest.  

Tutorial Hours:

Mondays 2:25-3:15pm

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment

Instructional Websites:






Course Summary:

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